Could I Land the Plane?

Believe it or not flying an airplane is really not that hard.  Almost anyone can learn to maneuver and even land a plane.  I am not saying it would be easy but with some experience and some advice getting an airplane on the ground and surviving is not that far fetched as you may believe.

So how does that equate to a Real Estate Blog?  The connection has become an easy one for me given my current career transition.  I work with military pilots, most of whom have moved at least twice in their career if not a half a dozen times.  They have experience with Real Estate having bought and sold a house or two along the way.  To most  real estate transactions are just not that hard.  A typical transaction involves some negotiating, some paperwork, an inspection, then closing.  Just take the controls and land the plane, right?

As long as nothing unexpected happens during the flight most people could do the job of a pilot too, this is not why pilots and realtors make money. People in any craft that requires skill or a license are most worthy of their compensation when things do not go as planned.  When the airplane has an emergency decisions need to be made.  A pilot uses their acquired skill and experience to ensure the people involved are taken care of all the way to a safe landing.  When a real estate deal does not go as planned a Realtor uses their skill and experience to advise everyone involved to minimize the damage.

Turbulence such as homes that do not appraise, inspections that uncover issues, and the often resulting difficult negotiations can make a huge difference in how a real estate deal progresses to completion. Consider the purpose of a license regulated by the state.  It ensures that should an issue arise there is a trained person to see the transaction through in accordance with the rules and regulations of the trade.  For many people buying or selling a house has a major impact on a persons or family’s financial future. Why would someone risk making a poor decision that could impact them for a decade?  Use a Realtor, sit back, relax and enjoy your ride.


About the Author:  I have spent 14 years in Naval Aviation flying as a qualified crew member in 8 different aircraft.  For those familiar with Naval Aviation I am designated as a Naval Flight Officer.  For those who are unfamiliar that means I ride in aircraft as the Mission Commander but am not the Pilot in Command.  Thanks for reading my blog!

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