Having a Friend in the Business

Earlier I wrote about the trap of banks such as USAA offering incentives to use their approved Realtors to buy or sell a house. Here.  Going this route almost entirely ensures you will not have a friend on your side. It is a blind date for money.  When you have a friend you can depend on to give you the right advice you will get the absolute truth or the best advice for your situation.  Many times Real Estate agents are judged on their kindness or demeanor and not their ability.  Don’t confuse someone who is personable with a friend.  A friend tells you things that might be uncomfortable to hear but always keeps your best interests in mind.

The one thing I have most enjoyed since getting my license is talking to people I know about Real Estate.  It is amazing to me the amount of knowledge and misinformation there is about Real Estate transactions. While I do not attest to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I do have access to people who are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the business.  Some of the misconceptions that consumers have about property, investing, financing, etc… keep people from making the right decisions when it comes to selling their house or buying a future home for their family.  With so many variables and opinions things can become complicated and making the right or wrong decision could make the difference between being underwater on a home for a decade and making tens of thousands of dollars on your next home sale.  That is why having a friend in the business is more important now than it ever has when it comes to Real Estate.

The interesting thing I see is people have a short memory when it comes to Real Estate transactions.  I was guilty of this a decade ago.  My first house purchase almost fell through in a complete buyer’s market because my house did not appraise for the value we offered.  I know now I could have countered at the appraised value and most likely convinced the Sellers (who incidentally had no agent) to sell the house for what it was appraised at.  Instead the advice I got was to just pony up the extra cash because the transaction would be more contentious if we tried to squeeze more money from the Sellers.  So I emptied my checking account and we got the house.  An agent who understood the market better could have saved me thousands of dollars.  To top it off I referred that agent to 3 more friends who also purchased houses.

Having a friend in the business is important, but understanding all that goes into a Real Estate transaction is as well.  Getting a purchase and sale contract to closing with the best interests of everyone involved is what we aim to do at Pacifico Properties.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions about your current and future Real Estate needs.  We are here to get you the best advice in buying or selling your next home!

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