Full Throttle Marketing

After 30/60/90 days on the market many homeowners get rightfully anxious that their house will not sell. The first question the Sellers ask is should we lower the price? The easy answer is yes. If you want to sell your house fast lower the price to a point where buyers get a “steal” when they buy your home. (Hint:They are stealing your equity). If Zillow (which only hits the target within 5% half of the time) says its worth $330,000 and you list it for $280,000 you will get multiple offers, no doubt about it.

Price point is the easiest way for a real estate professional to sell a house. Realtors who push sellers to continually drop the price are not doing the job you hired them to do. Likely your house could have been listed too high which also means they did not do their homework when listing your property! One true test of a realtor’s worth is to tell them you want to list your house for way more (10-20%) than you originally estimated, if the agent does not ask questions, put up a fight, or try and talk you out of it send them packing!

Full Throttle Marketing is the premium real estate professional’s answer to the price point dilemma. What makes your house special that the automatic valuation models do not account for? Is it the large fenced yard, the beautiful upgraded hardwood floors, or the neighborhood community pool? Maybe it is the homeowners on that street, the community feel that no website could ever value. These extras can cause sentiment for potential buyers, add appeal, and your Realtor needs to proclaim these loudly to the masses. Constantly, repeatedly, full throttle, no cruise control, no backing off. THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO BUY THIS HOUSE!

With social media campaigns, internet marketing, military real estate networks, direct mail, flyers, and online advertising I have plenty of outlets for marketing your property as real estate professional. They all cost money. If it takes 6 months to sell your house the net commission should be significantly less than if it took 6 weeks. If your Realtor is not consistently spending money or time marketing your property he/she is not earning the commission. Often it happens that by dumb luck the right buyer walks through the door on day 125 after the property spirals through price changes while nothing is done to increase the marketing reach. Congratulations you just gave away your equity for nothing. Expect and demand more from your Realtor.

Your Realtor owes you periodic “what have you done for me lately” updates assuring you they are doing more than just merely dropping a baitless hook in the water and hoping a fish is hungry for metal. You deserve to know about clicks and website hits, about wide nets and to hear the megaphone delivering to the world what makes your house desirable. If you are under a listing contract and you are not getting the marketing or attention your commission deserves consider a Realtor who will spend time and money to get your house sold!

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