Upfront Property Management

  Do you own a house and pay a property manager to keep it rent ready, turnover tenants, and ensure your investment is taken care of?  When potential tenants come look at your house how sure are you that it is presentable?  Last week I helped a friend find a rental and got to see first hand how some property management companies maintain their clients’ places. The first round of houses we looked at were in terrible shape. One of the first houses we looked at we couldn’t even get in because there were multiple active wasp nests near the entrance. The next house we saw could have been nice had it not had stained carpets and marked up walls.  Any redeemable qualities the house had were greatly overshadowed by the excessive wear and tear. It was if the management company never set foot in the place after the previous tenants trashed it and left.  One house we looked at smelled so bad of smoke we could not continue past the front room.  No amount of granite and stainless steel will sway someone to rent a house that smells!  I would like to believe that any property owner would know better than to try and market a house in that condition.  My guess is the owners had entrusted their property managers to make their house rent ready and in these cases they did the bare minimum.

I wrote earlier about the Benefits of Property Management.  I truly believe a good property manager can make a huge difference if they properly look out for your investment.  I also have now seen what a poor property manager buys you.  The worst part of the experience for my customers was when they finally found a house they liked and after they paid an application fee, they went to the property management office to file the paperwork only to find it abandoned, door locked at 1pm on a weekday.  When they called the broker he said they were, “between places” and could not process their application for a week. Did the owner of that house know that an ideal tenant slipped through the cracks because the property management firm did not do all it could to sign them to a lease?

At Pacifico Properties we go the extra mile to make sure your house is in good hands.  We pride ourselves in rigid tenant screening, thorough inspections, tight leases, and proactive care of any issues that arise. If your tenants want to renew we will inspect the house to make sure that your property is in good hands before we renew your lease.  When it comes time to turn your property around we will bring in our experts to clean, repair, and make your investment truly rent ready.  What sets us apart is our pride in the properties we manage.  Your investment is not a monthly line on our ledger, it is our daily responsibility. Email me if you are interested in a property manager who cares. jaxfloridaproperties@gmail.com

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