Use a Realtor to Find a Rental

Every time I list an available rental on our website and on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) I get inundated with people searching for rentals without an agent.  It is very exciting because if my listing isn’t right for them often times I offer to show them other listings that fit their criteria.

Last night I connected with a couple searching for a rental in a local golf course community.  Within a period of an hour I was able to schedule 3 showings on properties, two of which were by owner properties that were hard to find online.  I was also able to reach out to fellow Realtors on 3 other properties to discover the terms for lease were not what my customer was looking for.  This particular couple had been searching tirelessly online for over a month while staying in a guest room at a relatives house.  Last night, thanks to my help, they were able to find on a house that worked for them.  By the end of the week if all goes well they will be out of their temporary living situation and into their very own place.

People do not seem to think of hiring a Realtor to help them find rentals but it is an incredibly good idea.  Here is why…

  1. Information is power! Access to MLS and other Realtors to obtain information and schedule showings above what the general public has ability to see or do.
  2. Locality and Experience.  Looking at properties every day brings with it a sense of what is good value and what is not .  Also knowing the local rental market and area helps me to ensure the right fit and price for your family.
  3. Expert Power when Negotiating.  Often times “By Owner” listings are priced at what an untrained and sentimentally attached property owner feels the property is worth.  Let a me as a Realtor determine if it is fair and if it is not let me negotiate for you!
  4. Lease terms and conditions expertise.  As a Property Manager I can consult with you on what typical fees and terms are.  If the place you are looking at has an unusual requirement or fee I can work with the landlord or property manager on your behalf.

As a Realtor the incentive for me to show rentals is definitely not the monetary compensation from the landlord or property management firm because honestly it is not that much. For me it is the personal interactions that occur when you are helping someone find a home.  Seeing a little kid run to a bedroom and claim it for their own or watching a couple decide where their bed is going to fit brings with it a certain sense of satisfaction, a sense that you are really helping someone with a major life decision.

Here is recent review from one of my rental seeking customers…

“Nick was an outstanding realtor! We recently moved across the entire country and needed to find a residence as soon as possible here in Jacksonville. The School year had already started and we wanted to get our children enrolled before they missed too much. He efficiently constructed multiple plans to show houses that met only the requirements we outlined within two different areas of town. He was also very knowledgeable with regards to those areas concerning school systems community benefits. Once we selected the house, Nick followed through the entire process to make sure it was as efficient and straight forward as possible. I highly recommend Nick as your next Real Estate Professional!”

Bryan W

If you are looking for a rental that is right for you consider hiring a Realtor to help you with that search.,, (904)217-8252, Pacifico Properties,

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